Supporters (2014)

Public figures


  • Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges

Minneapolis City Council members

  • Jacob Frey (Ward 3)
  • Blong Yang (Ward 5)
  • Andrew Johnson (Ward 12)
  • Parker Trostel (retired; served 1978-82)

State legislators

  • Susan Allen (Representative, District 62B)
  • John Benson (Representative, District 44B)
  • Karen Clark (Representative, District 62A)
  • Raymond Dehn (Representative, District 59B)
  • Chris Eaton (Senator, District 40)
  • Ann Rest (Senator, District 45)
  • Kathleen Vellenga (retired representative; served 1981-1994)

Judges and Justices

  • Esther Tomljanovich (retired Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court (1990-1998); previously Washington County District Judge (1977-1990))
  • Dennis D. O’Brien (former Chief Bankruptcy Judge, United States Bankruptcy Court,┬áDistrict of Minnesota)

Bar-association leaders

  • Wood R. Foster, Jr. (past president of the Minnesota State Bar Association; past president of the Hennepin County Bar Association)
  • Brian Melendez (past president of the Minnesota State Bar Association; past president of the Hennepin County Bar Association)


  • Peter C. DiCola (attorney; economist; associate professor of law)
  • Jim Hilbert (attorney; professor of law; executive director of a center within a law school)
  • Sally J. Kenney (professor of political science; author of Gender and Justice: Why Women in the Judiciary Really Matter)
  • Aaron J. Sojourner (economist and assistant professor)
  • James J. White (attorney; law professor emeritus; co-author of White and Summers’ Uniform Commercial Code)


  • Joseph T. Bagnoli
  • Jeffrey J. Bouslog
  • Richard G. Carlson (retired assistant Hennepin County public defender)
  • Martin S. Chester
  • Karin Ciano
  • Michael Cockson
  • Jennifer L. Cornell
  • Rosemary Frazel
  • Peter J. Goss
  • David J.F. Gross
  • Natalie Hanlon-Leh
  • Nancy Hylden
  • Jeff Justman
  • Nathan J. Kavlie
  • William S. Lapp
  • Seth Leventhal
  • J. Ashwin Madia
  • Kristen Marttila
  • Calleigh McRaith
  • Scott A. Moriarity
  • Matt Norton
  • James W. Poradek
  • Kim Quale
  • Jennifer M. Robbins
  • Becky R. Thorson
  • John Ursu
  • Aaron Van Oort
  • Chuck Webber
  • Colin Wicker
  • X. Kevin Zhao

Community members

  • Marc Beitz (ski coach and graphic designer)
  • Bill Boudewyns
  • Julie Burton (freelance writer/blogger at
  • Kathleen Cassidy (teacher)
  • Amy Cichanowski (non-profit executive)
  • Keith Dalluhn (deli manager)
  • Joe Demko (musician and sound engineer)
  • Flannery Dolan
  • Jason Duerr (designer)
  • Kimberly Ferencik
  • Shawn D. Hartfeldt (retired financial analyst)
  • Shawna Hedlund
  • Ann Hobbs (self-employed early childhood specialist)
  • David Kinyon (technical writer)
  • Jeff Lande (clinical statistician)
  • Andy LeMay (software engineer)
  • Georgeanna Lewis (therapist)
  • John A. Murdoch (manager of information technology)
  • Rev. Barbara J. Murphy
  • Ray C. Paulson (information-technology professional)
  • Vicki Pierce (court reporter)
  • Liseli Polivka
  • Beth Rademacher
  • Alex Rich (law student)
  • Jason Stinson (builder)
  • Jane Stockman
  • Gina Strattner (content media specialist)
  • Wendy Stachowicz (business owner)
  • Nancy J. Waldoch (theater artist)
  • Linda Welter