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City Council Member Andrew Johnson endorses Brian!

I am honored and grateful to have the support of Minneapolis City Council Member Andrew Johnson, who represents Ward 12 (where I live). As of today, that makes two members of the Minneapolis City Council who have endorsed me: Andrew Johnson and Blong Yang. They were kind enough to pose for this photo in front of City Hall. Bronze Hubert Humphrey—who has not endorsed me (yet!)—is watching over us.

Brian, Andrew Johnson, and Blong Yang outside City Hall

Brian, Andrew Johnson, and Blong Yang outside City Hall

Minneapolis City Council Member Blong Yang (Ward 5) endorses Brian!

I am delighted to announce that I’ve been endorsed by City Council Member Blong Yang, who represents Ward 5 (North Minneapolis). Blong is a dedicated public servant and an experienced attorney. He is also the first Hmong-American elected to the Minneapolis City Council. I like to think that Hubert Humphrey (the bronze statute behind us) would approve.

Blong Yang and Brian Hagerty outside City Hall

Blong Yang and Brian Hagerty outside City Hall


Senator Ann Rest (District 45) endorses Brian!

I had a terrific meeting with Senator Ann Rest this morning, and I am excited to announce that she has endorsed me in my race for Hennepin County District Judge. Senator Rest is deeply committed to maintaining Minnesota’s tradition of an impartial, nonpartisan judiciary.

Brian and Senator Ann Rest

Brian and Senator Ann Rest

Representative Susan Allen (District 62B) endorses Brian!

I am delighted to announce that Representative Susan Allen has endorsed me in my race for Hennepin County District Judge.

Representative Susan Allen (District 62B)

Representative Susan Allen (District 62B)

As an attorney as well as a legislator, Representative Allen understands the importance of having competent, impartial judges. I am committed to ensuring that everyone who comes before me is treated fairly and with the respect that all of us, as human beings, are entitled to.

The first campaign video is up!

It took a surprising amount of work, but the first short campaign video is now on YouTube. I’ve posted a complete transcript below. Let me know what you think by commenting below, on YouTube, or on Facebook.

Video transcript

Hello. I’m Brian Hagerty, and I’m running for Hennepin County District Judge.

Folks often ask me about my judicial philosophy. Typically, they want to know whether, as a judge, I’ll decide cases like a liberal or like a conservative. My answer is “Neither.”

If a judge’s personal politics show through in that judge’s work, then the judge is doing it wrong. A judge’s personal politics come into play if the judge is results-oriented—in other words, if the judge asks in each case, “Who should win,” and then reasons backwards.

But the best judges are not results-oriented. The best judges ask in each case, “What’s the right answer?” And the best judges reach that right answer even if they don’t personally like it.

This judicial mindset is very different from the mindset of a typical lawyer. A lawyer’s job is not to find the right answer—it’s to be an advocate for the result that serves their client. And new judges often remark on the challenge of switching from the mindset of an advocate to the mindset of a judge.

I don’t face that challenge, because I’ve spent virtually my entire legal career working for judges. I’ve been approaching cases from an impartial, non-results-oriented perspective for close to ten years. And I am looking forward to putting my experience to work for the people of Hennepin County as a district judge.

Please visit my website for more information. And please vote in the primary on Tuesday, August 12th, and in the general election on Tuesday, November 4th.

Thanks very much for watching.

Retired Justice Esther Tomljanovich endorses Brian!

I had a lovely chat with retired Associate Supreme Court Justice Esther Tomljanovich this morning. I am delighted to say that, after getting to know me, Justice Tomljanovich agreed to support me in my race for Hennepin County District Judge. Justice Tomljanovich was appointed to the Minnesota Supreme Court by Governor Rudy Perpich in 1990, after having served for 13 years as a state trial judge in Washington County. She served on the Supreme Court until 1998. Since then, she has been involved with various boards and organizations.

Justice Tomljanovich was kind enough to pose for this photo with me on her back porch:

Justice Tomljanovich and Brian Hagerty pose for a photo on her back porch

Justice Tomljanovich and Brian Hagerty pose for a photo on her back porch

My former employees said some very kind things

As I explain in my detailed career history, before I went to law school, I ran a cybercafe in Uptown for several years. I was fortunate to have some terrific employees, and I’ve stayed in touch with many of them. Although they owe me absolutely nothing, a number of my former employees were among the first people to sign up as supporters, and—without any prompting from me—they said some very kind things. On Facebook, Andy Schwich said:

Brian C. Hagerty is a fine man. He was an exceptional boss and friend when I worked at CyberX so many years ago. He is running for Hennepin County District Judge in Minneapolis. Pop over to his site and get to know him yourself. Help him out if you can. Share his page and give him your vote. He’d make a great judge.

Gina Strattner said:

Although I don’t live in Minneapolis any more, I still consider it my home. As a former employee of Brian’s, I have the unique experience of being able to vouch for Brian’s excellent ability to manage and organize a successful business, as well as be an unbiased mediator when dealing with various issues amongst employees, customers, etc. I fully endorse Brian as the next Hennepin County District Judge!

And Andy LeMay said:

Brian was a great owner and boss, and it’d be an honor to support him.

These folks don’t know me as a lawyer, but they know me as a person.  I’m humbled and gratified at their expressions of support.